HEION Clean Diesel

Burns almost soot particles freely with a significantly lower NO2 output

The Diesel problem

Diesel combustion produces soot particles and nitrogen oxides (NOx). Whilst soot particles are more likely to occur at low combustion chamber temperatures, e.g. due to a lack of oxygen, higher temperatures produce considerably more NOx. The goal is to resolve this conflict of objectives through mechanical Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems, EGR, and soot particle filters. Using EGR cannot achieve maximum performance taking into account nitrogen oxide emissions, and causes an increase in carbon monoxide, soot and unburnt hydrocarbons in the exhaust gas. There currently is no comprehensive mechanical solution.

HEION Clean Diesel

The procedure

HEION CLEAN DIESELĀ is produced through controlled synthesis. The long-chained diesel molecules are first radicalised and then stabilised through esterification or etherification. This controlled energy conversion uses a relatively small amount of energy. HEION CLEAN DIESEL burns soot particles free at low temperatures and with lower NO2 emission.

Questions about HEION CLEAN DIESEL?

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