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Green synthesis is an efficient, precise synthesis technology to modulate molecular structures. It is the first to produce synthetic substances without a high pressure and without chemical reagents and without catalysts accelerating the reaction. It requires less expenditure and cost than conventional methods.

Gasoline from CO2 without the supply of electricity, pressure or high temperatures?

The chemical reaction

In GREEN SYNTHESIS, the modules of reactants are controlled to reach a specific mechanical voltage limit (potential difference). Then the amount of energy used is analysed and transformed to a chemical reaction. To ensure the desired stable synthesis process, the factors relevant for the voltage limit such as temperature, pressure, density, etc., are controlled in our reactors. With this method, chemical synthesis processes can be carried out purposefully using little energy.

The Problem

The process of the conventionally used synthesis processes for the production of industrially usable substances requires an enormous energy supply and is therefore very complex and cost-intensive.


No precise modulation of the desired substances


High Temperatures


High pressure


Cost-intensive processes and susceptible catalysts

How our solution works

Better, cheaper and specifically controllable modelling of synthetic organic and inorganic substances.


Production of rare and expensive materials


Profitable use of waste


Targeted production of new substances

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