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    Clean DIESEL

    for a better environment

HEION has developed an innovative new process for producing diesel, patent pending. HEION CLEAN Diesel burns in an eco-friendly way and has many applications, for example improving biofuels, marine diesel or conventional diesel in traffic. The production systems can easily be integrated in existing systems and are cost-effective to operate. Chemical modification of the molecular structures of diesel allows HEION to eliminate the addition of surfactants.


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The DIESEL dilemma

Diesel combustion produces nitrogen oxides and soot particles. These are harmful to health and the environment, resulting in traffic bans. A blanket technical solution has not yet been found, particularly not for older diesel vehicles. The proposed political solutions are inadequate and at the expense of the consumer, the government and/or the industry.

Clean. ECO-friendly. Innovative.

We are unique

For the first time ever, synthetic materials can be produced without the supply of pressure and temperature, as well as without chemical and catalytic effects.


The green synthesis

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