Innovation for
 environmental- and climateprotection

HEION CLEAN DIESEL has undergone long-term testing and has been found to be a clean alternative to conventional diesel in everyday life. HEION CLEAN DIESEL has been tried-and-tested on many thousands of kilometers of test drives:
  • Increased engine performance thanks to a higher cetane number
  • Reduction of environmental pollution thanks to reduced soot and NOX-emissions
  • CO2-reduction thanks to low consumption

The results in figures

Diesel consumption in road traffic
EURO 5 PEMS-Test 2020

Nox in road traffic
EURO 5 PEMS-Test 2020

Reduced soot particulate emissions in emissions testing
Vehicle without Diesel particulate filter

COemissions in road traffic
EURO 5 PEMS-Test 2020

Engine corrosion
after endurance test in  2020

Carbon monoxide emissions outside of the city
PEMS Test 2020