Bridge technology for the coming years

HEION CLEAN DIESEL is the ideal intermediate solution for owners of diesel vehicles, until new vehicle technologies (electric, hybrid, and hydrogen drives) are fully developed and available on the market.

global automobile inventory 2020 vs. 2030

(in billion automobiles)


10.9 Mio.
= ~ 1%

Forecast for 2030

116 Mio.
= ~ 7.25%

Sources: Statista, McKinsey, VdA

Source: EIA Energy information administration (USA)

every drop counts ...

  • in Europe: reduced emissions, if cars are driven with HEION CLEAN DIESEL rather than conventional diesel
  • in emerging countries, where the development of non-fossil processes will take years or even decades
  • in global freight traffic via waterways, rail, or roads
HEION CLEAN DIESEL is ready ...because every drop counts.