Aug. 19  2022 - 09:56 

New Delhi, Cologne, Siblin

MAIER VIDORNO ALTIOS, headquartered in Cologne, is part of the international ALTIOS Group, which employs around 750 people in 22 countries. MAIER VIDORNO ALTIOS has been active in India for over 22 years and, with 250 employees at locations in New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai and Bangalore, is the leading consultancy for market entry, expansion and business development. Together with HEION GmbH, MAIER VIDORNO ALTIOS will prepare and carry out the market entry for HEION CLEAN DIESEL. In addition to business and sales development, the aim and content of the partnership is also the on-site production of HEION systems.

HEION CLEAN DIESEL is particularly relevant in emerging markets such as India. In addition to the savings in consumption and thus in CO2, the cleaner combustion and the significantly lower soot and NOX emissions can contribute to improving air quality, especially in densely populated, urban regions. The HEION process has been patented in India since Q1/2022.

HEION GmbH is an innovative green tech start-up and has developed diesel cleaning systems that process and clean diesel fuels using an innovative process that is also patented in India. HEION CLEAN DIESEL reduces diesel consumption and the emission of CO2 and nitrogen oxides.

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