Nov 25  2022 - 20:07 

HEION and GÖHLER Anlagentechnik present the world's first industrial HEION CLEAN DIESEL cleaning system.

Siblin, Zeitz

HEION CLEAN DIESEL reduces consumption by an average of 6.5% compared to conventional diesel and emits correspondingly less CO2. At the same time, HEION CLEAN DIESEL significantly reduces soot and NOX emissions.

After several years of research, the first production-ready system has been completed, which converts conventional diesel into premium diesel in a patented, cost-effective and low-energy process. The system will be installed in two containers and is easy to integrate into existing systems, and against the background of the energy crisis it is a contribution to climate protection and air pollution. A clean, cheaper alternative to conventional diesel is now available in Germany. Every ton counts.

The system will be delivered to Schuster und Sohn in Rhineland-Palatinate and will then produce 5 million liters of clean diesel annually in the region. There are also inquiries from abroad about the construction of further plants, because they should also contribute to climate protection in emerging countries.

HEION co-founder Andreas Heine: "The change from fossil to renewable drive types will not happen overnight and will take a few years, maybe decades. We offer a bridging technology to make this change so climate-friendly. From today every producer of diesel fuels can decide which diesel he wants to offer his customers."

HEION GmbH is an innovative green tech start-up and has developed, among other things, diesel cleaning systems that process and clean diesel fuel using an innovative, patented process.

The Göhler group of companies has had seven locations across Germany for over 70 years and employs more than 250 people in the areas of planning, construction and maintenance of systems for hazardous substances.

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